ICGF's Fantendo Championship Tournament, Official Rules.

Hello and welcome to the Official Rules for the International Classic Gaming Federation's Fantendo Championship Tournament.

This tournament has been in the works for a decade, and recent releases have made it possible in the short time frame needed. This tournament is designed to be fair, and not hinge on a player's abilities in any specific game. The Tournament Director has tried vary hard to ensure that everyone has a shot of winning this, and that no one will feel left out. How ever do to the nature of attempting to make game out comes less predictable, the amount of random factor and secrecy is higher then other wise would be.


Tournament Director(Director): Daryl Kiddey. International Classic Gaming Federation(ICGF): Player referee organization founded by Daryl Kiddey, and consisting for the purpose of this tournament anyone under the employment of Daryl Kiddey. Utilities: A person who's only job is to change games, set up systems, get food and supplies, etc. Score keeper (Referee): Any one that records scores, posts scores, makes rulings, or in anyway effective determines how the tournament is run OR is directly profiting from the tournament, excluding the winners. Venue: Paul's Gamer Zone

Section 1. Dates and location

A. ALL players will arrive at Venue between 8:30 and 11:30 November 6th . Entrants arriving after 11:30 can be refused at Director's discretion. Tournament Officially starts 9 am November 6th. Doors open at 8:45.

B. The qualifiers and main round will be November 6th. Semi-finals will will try to also be held on the 6th, but the finals will be held on Sunday November 7th, PLAN TO STAY BOTH DAYS!.

Section 2. Eligibility.

A. Daryl Kiddey, Travis Kiddey, AND ANYONE THAT WORKS THE TOURNAMENT, including all Venue employees that assist in score keeping, volunteers, and ICGF staff CAN NOT PLAY.

Rocky L. Rose, Rudy J. Feretti, Micheal Girad and anyone BANNED from Paul's GamerZone are not allowed to enter.

EXCEPTION: People who are only running utilities, or are not on the clock for either Venue or ICGF, and are NOT directly involved as score keepers, and do NOT receive any gain from the tournament, may play.

B. You must be in the United States legally.

C. You must be 18 to enter, NO EXCEPTIONS. Pay to play Video game Tournaments have the potential to be seen as Gambling in the State of Ohio and the US, in order to Gamble in the State of Ohio and the US, ou must be 18. Therefore if a minor wishes to play, they must be registered under their legal guardian' name, and the legal guardian assumes all liability and responsibility for the entry, and all prizes will be issued in the guardians name.

D. You must be able to pay $10 to enter the tournament(This is the pot). You also must be able to pay $10 to get in to Paul's Gamer Zone on Saturday. Sunday, the semifinalists and finalists will admitted into the Venue for free, but everyone else will still have to pay.

Section 3. Prizes.

This is simple,

A. IF the total pot is less then $2000 but over $500(50 players) (Winner gets min $100)

50% goes to the winner. 1rst runner up receives a $20 Game stop Gift card. The rest of the pot will be used for tournament expense, reimbursement to organizers, door prizes, drinks and food for players/scorekeepers, etc..

B. IF the total pot is over $2000(200 players). then the breakdown is as follows.

40% to the winner, 10% to 1rst runner up. The other half of the pot will be used for tournament expense, reimbursement to organizers, reimbursement for door prizes, drinks and food for players/scorekeepers, etc.

C. If the total pot is over $10000(1000 players), then disbursement will be:

40% to the winner, 10% to second place and 1% to rest of the top 8. The rest of the pot will be used for tournament expense, reimbursement to organizers, reimbursement for door prizes, drinks and food for players/scorekeepers, and the remainder invested toward future tournaments.

All prizes will be payed after the tournament and you will need to sign you received your prize.

Section 4. Game Play and Procedures.

All players will Bring their OWN Nintendo DS unit, with their own Nintendo's Ultimate NES Remix. Players also need to bring controllers and games if they wish to use their own equipment.

Round 1. This round starts at 9 A.M with “Players, start your game!”. This will consist of Nintendo World Championships Remix Mode, plus 2 other challenges announced at the commencement of the contest.

Initial play: You must post a valid score ABOVE ZERO for all three games in NWCR, and must complete the other 2 challenges.



Top 64 players move on. Method is DECA. If You don't know what that means, don't worry about it, what it does is “cap” one game so that one game can't dominate the qualifiers. Detailed explanation available here.

If there over 32 players, Super Smash U will be used to cut down to 32.

Regardless of players, Rounds of 1v1 Smash at two (2) stocks will be used(if player number is odd, odd player plays Director. this will be determined by 20 sided dice with the players rolling the lowest number re rolling until odd man out.). Losers AT REQUEST will be put into brackets in either 8 or 4 man smash, with the actual number of players varying and time/stocks set by the Director, where they will compete for 4 spots in the next round. One player per round of smash will advance.

If there are 32 or less players, 4 player Mario Kart 8 will be used to get down to 8. I This is also Round 2.

Round 2: See above. If there is a Smash losers bracket they will have the option AT REQUEST of racing each other , as will the losers of the cart races. The top winner of each race will advance , until we get down to 2 entrants from the losers bracket who will move to the final elimination round.

Round 3. When you register for the tournament, you will be asked to pick from a list of games, you will be matched if possible with someone that selected the same game, and you face off to get into the Semi finals. IF NOT POSSIBLE, the tournament director will assign a head to head face off game.

Semi-Finals and Finals will not be revealed until they are played, due to the nature of the system used. This is not up for debate, it is impossible for the tournament organizers to know what they will be until they occur.

Section 5. Legal.

1. Director reserves the right to make, change, clarify or otherwise modify the rules and/or prizes (including refusal to award prizes for any reason, as long as the reason is given). Tournament and Venue staff both reserve the right to disqualify and remove any player for any reason, as long as the reason is given.

2. You agree that ICGF, the Venue, or anyone present is not liable for anything for any reason, unless they intentionally, deliberately, and knowingly break a criminal statue, which results in substantial loss or permanent injury to your person. This includes stolen or misplaced property, no bailment is created for any reason. You further agree that you may only seek remedy from the person or party that committed the offense, and hold everyone and thing else non-liable.

Example of non-liability: If the tournament director changes the rules, or the prizes if you lose your DS, you pass out, you get in a fight, you can't sue us. There is no reason to sue us.

Example of liability. Some one gets drunk and smashes into you or your car. THE DRIVER of that car, and only the driver, is not covered in this waiver.

3. You waive all rights to travel compensation for any reason.

4. You waive all rights to any legal actions against ICGF and the Venue resulting from your participation in this tournament, from being in the venue before, after, and during the tournament, and from using the venue and any related services.

5. By participating consent to, and waive any compensation for the use of you image, likeness, scores, personal information, etc by ICGF or the Venue. ICGF uses all information provided how ever it sees fit. Please refer to Venue for Venues Privacy policy.

Section 6. MISC

  1. Any players or spectators removed or banned from venue, or disqualified or that leave will not be refunded.

  2. Your Venue admission includes the normal day admission (5 - midnight Sat and 12-6 Sunday with re-entry privileges.)

  3. Please understand that while the the venue staff are there to assist you and and help you have the best experience possible, they are not slaves.

  4. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. Anyone caught deliberately littering or trashing the venue will be made to clean. If you refuse to clean, you will be disqualified and removed. Even after the tournament is over.

  5. What Nick and his staff says goes as far as the venue is concerned. That means if he says no gum, no gum. He says back up, back up. The Director has NO CONTROL over the Venue's policies or decisions, just as the Venue has no control over the tournament.

  6. Venue rules are as follows:

    A. No food or drink besides water is allowed inside the Venue unless it is purchased from the venue. Diabetics may carry ONE small snack in their purse or bag for emergency use only. Food and drinks can be purchased via the venue or you can leave and come back.

    B. You are only allowed to touch controllers, chairs, and head sets at the Venue, messing with any other equipment with out NICK'S EXPRESSED WRITTEN APPROVAL will result in removal from the facility, with no refund. Director cannot authorize you to handle consoles, TV's or other equipment. Director will enforce this.

    C. You must sign a liability form agreeing to replace or pay for anything you break while at the venue. This form will be available online. THIS INCLUDES PRIVATE PROPERTY BELONGING TO OTHERS. The venue takes this very seriously, you break something they usually make sure it gets fixed and CHARGE YOU FOR IT.

  7. If you have a Nintendo game that you REALLY want to play, bring ti with you.
  8. Please check the rules often, they are subject to updates. Games are subject to change.