Deca system vs point system.

The straight point system Nintendo used was pretty easy for the average player to understand, and for people that know what they're about, easy to see why it was unfair. It didn't account for 2 of the three games.

DECA however, is a system DESGINED to “fix” this kind of problem.

So here's how this works. Player X gets 11 million on Nintendo World championships remix. Mostly in Dr. Mario. One down the line to 1 million.

Okay great, screw everyone else.

DECA how ever would fix this like this. (Scores are fake, don't say they're not possible, because that's not the point)

His score Mario 1 22000, Mario 3 14560 Dr. Mario 11,123, 800

My scores Mario 1 22000, Mario 3 1,025,100 Dr. Mario 5,480, 900

His Deca scores 100% 1.5% 100% = 201.5%

My Deca scores 100% 100% 49% = 249%

As you can see I not only win via DECA scoring, I crushed the guy. Deca Style is taking your score and dividing it by first place score, the adding them for all games. This accounts for your skill levels in ALL the games, not just Dr. Mario.

So the scoring system for the first three games is going to work like THIS, so that means is Dr. Mario is NOT going to determine the placement, because the other 2 games have some clout. Plus we're gonna add 2 more games, for a total of 5 games, so out of 500%. So let;s go with something a little more reasonable. This is an average player score for the kind of stuff I would run.

Super Mario 1 22,000 Super Mario 3 15,000 Dr. Mario 1,576,300

Super mario World 435 700

mega man 1, 230, 900

okay, now top scores few different players.

Super Mario 1 22,000 Super Mario 3 15,000 Dr. Mario 11,576,300

Super mario World 500 000

mega man 230, 900

Super Mario 1 22,000, Super Mario 3 5,000 Dr. mario 200

Mario world 1, 005, 400

Megaman 650,000

Super Mario 1 22,000 Super Mario 3 565,250 Dr. mario 8000

Mario world 175,000

Megaman 850,000

Super Mario 1 22,000 Super Mario 3 3,250 Dr. mario 8000

Mario world 375,000,

Megaman 1,350,000

allright, so Deca results are

Super Mario 1 1,015,720, Super Mario 3 3,250 Dr. mario 6000

Mario world 556,250

Megaman 656,250

Deca Spread:

I want everyone to notice how CLOSE those spreads are! Everyone is basically within 20%( 100% out of 500%) of each other. And every player, except the “average” player, won one game!

This makes the contest fair, this make the contest worth playing, because every point counts, and counts hard! Notice also guy with the lowest Dr. Mario score is top player. And that the top guy in Dr. Mario is below the “average” player. Basically these spreads are player winning one game and not doing so well in the rest of them, and having a decent run in one other game. The guy that did well in BOTH games outside of NWC is the guy that won.

Spreads are gonna be even closer for those that don't get any 100%s. This why I love this system,and the more games you play, the better it works. Less 100%'s to go around. Because you're adding one top score for each game, but you're multiplying the odds by every player. Even if people dominate ONE game, again like Dr. Mario, you can still get around them. So that means this won't be 64 slots of Dr. Mario players.