International Classic Gaming Federation

Welcome to ICGF, 

Sorry for the basic page design, but Geek Squad
/Best Buy ruined my data.  (Including my nice logo.)

Anyway.  exciting times, ICGF is back in the tournament scene in a big way.   We've teamed up with Paul's Gamer Zone in Massillon Ohio to bring you:


This tournament has been in planning, but the messy debacle of a farce Nintendo made of the Nintendo World Championships this year made me decide to do it now, even though  we can't afford to run it out of pocket.  So what that means is simple, YOU, the players, determine how great the prizes are.  The more people that play, the more the prizes are going to be.  The more people that preregister, the better the door prizes.  Prizes change based on number of people playing.

YouTube announcement coming later.  Pre-Registration is open! (all files iN word .doc fomat, you can use the face bookgroup as attEnding if you are not sending payment) Pre-Register before I close them(some timein october) and save $2!

Pre-reg form here.

Paul's Gamerzone release forms here.

Minor release forms here.
Things to remember:

-Venue: systems in use will be: WiiU, SNES, NES.  Wii, Gamecube, N64, Gameboy series, and DS series as need be.  Please bring your own controllers if you msut have a specific contorller.
-Hope for sunny and warm, but plan for rain and snow.  Early Novmember is a wet and possibly cold time in Northeast Ohio. The weather can be anyhting from a beautiful summer's day to Artic. BE PREPARED for either.  Average for the 7th of novemmber is low in the upper 30's and high in the upper 50's.  This was the case last year.  Extremes are 80 for he highest high and 20 for the lowest high.
-Please plan your meal breaks accordingly.  Tournament breaks for lunnch and bracketing at 12:00 noon-12:50.  There are no other breaks. 
-No food or drinks allowed in the venue, except water, and diabetics may carry ONE small snack in their belongings for emergancy use.
- Please bring any Nintendo game that you are just dying to play with you.

For Prize information and tournament structure, Please read the official rules here